Patio and Folding Sliding Doors

Patio and Folding Sliding Doors

FS Portal PLUS Folding Sliding Hardware
Folding sliding hardware is a contemporary solution to bring the outdoors in...

PSK 160 Tilt & Slide Patio Gear
PSK 160 tilt and slide patio hardware is manufactured using TS-Look Chromium VI free solutions, providing corrosion resistance.

Mila Inline Sliding Patio Gear
High security locking system for inline patio doors systems with a 16mm eurogroove. Hooks act as an integral anti-lift feature.

Pro-Linea Inline Patio Handle
Range of attractively styled handles for use with the Mila Fearless inline sliding patio lock. Reversible for right or left hand opening.

Patio Rollers
Range of patio rollers for use on inline sliding patio systems. Available with either nylon, steel or stainless steel wheels.

HS Portal Lift &
Slide Patio Gear

Lift and slide hardware for large sliding doors. Suitable for 56mm, 66mm and 68mm timber sections.

Fearless Inline
Sliding Patio Gear

Fearless inline sliding patio gear is a high security patio system. Twin opposing hooks for security

Tilt & Slide Patio Handle
Aluminium handle designed for use on tilt & slide patio systems. Extended lever for smooth operation. Range of finishes available.

Patio Stop
Patio stops. Plastic moulded patio stops in a range of colours. Available with a choice of black or white buffers.