FS Portal PLUS Folding Sliding Hardware

FS Portal Folding Sliding Door Gear

FS Portal PLUS Folding Sliding Hardware

The new FS-PORTAL folding sliding door hardware from SIEGENIA-AUBI provides enhanced aesthetics and smooth, easy operation of the folding door.

FS-PORTAL folding sliding door hardware is suitable for timber, pvc or aluminium profiles.

FS-PORTAL hardware can be fitted to conservatories, patios, roof gardens, balconies or even extensions, to maximise the opening, increase natural light and ventilation, provide easy access to the outdoors and offer a real sense of bringing the outdoors indoors.

Using one master leaf and a combination of slave leafs, from 2 up to 7 sashes, you can create an opening of up to 6.3 meters. Sashes can be inward or outward opening and all travel smoothly on 4-wheeled runners.

When fully closed the doors benefit from all-round multipoint locking and sealing, providing security and protecting from the elements.

  • Suitable for timber, PVCU and aluminium doors and windows
  • Top or bottom running with one profile set
  • Sturdy track
  • Low threshold
  • Smooth sliding action provided by 4 wheeled bogies with high precision ball bearings
  • Option of 2-7 pane system for versatility
  • Complete opening increases natural light and ventilation
  • Can be used in conjunction with tilt and turn hardware, offering a secure tilt position for ventilation
  • Option of high security multipoint locking
  • Option of high security Evolution door hinges
  • Option of Mila ProSecure, ProStyle, ProLinea door handles in a range of  suited finishes