Siegenia Trident Espag

Shootbolts & Espags

Siegenia Trident Espag

The Trident high security espagnolette system incorporates a hook and mushroom cam at each locking point, providing enhanced sealing and exceptional security. When the gearbox is operated the hooks are thrown and travel simultaneously with the cams into their striker.

When compared with traditional shootbolts, the Trident espagnolette provides benefits during fabrication. By eliminating the need for cropping we estimate that fabrication efficiency can be improved by up to 30%.

This new security technology has been rigorously tested to ensure that the Trident espagnolette meets the police preferred specification requirements of Secured By Design and enhanced security requirements of BS 7950.

  • 20 or 22mm backset with 8mm or 9.5mm cams
  • Combination of hook and mushroom cams for enhanced security performance
  • Adjustable cams
  • Chromium VI free, silver coating
  • Secured By Design licensed product

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